Grapefruit reunites with his long lost sister!?


Grapefruit: Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored

Crabapple: Hey, you've been saying that for the past 2 hours!

Grapefruit: Oh look, a kumquat

Crabapple: I'm a crabapple!

Grapefruit: Well then crabapples are kumquats

Crabapple: Hey, who turned out the lights?

Another grapefruit is dropped onto Crabapple.

Grapefruit's Sister: Hi, brother

Grapefruit: I'm not your brother

Grapefruit's Sister: Yeah you are, mother said you would be here

Grapefruit: I only have one sister, and she's dead

Grapefruit's Sister: No, you have two sisters and both are dead.

Grapefruit: What?

Grapefruit's Sister: Yeah, I am dead excited meeting you

Grapefruit: You never met me

Grapefruit's Sister: You got bought by that Daneboe guy, I got bought by this Shane Dawson guy.

Grapefruit: Doesn't make sense, I'm asking my mother

Grapefruit's Mother: That's your sister

Grapefruit: Ok

Grapefruit's Sister: Hey brother

Grapefruit: Yeah?

Grapefruit's Sister: Who's that Marshmallow person

Grapefruit: Angry Marshmallow

Angry Marshmallow explodes blowing up Grapefruit's Sister

Grapefruit: Another one bites the dust!